General Knowledge Outcomes (GKO’s)

This page links to individual pages related to the General Knowledge and Skill Outcomes (GKO’s) developed by the College of Business at CSUMB. This page can be edited to include an overview paragraph related to reflecting on the GKO’s.

General Knowledge and Skills (GKOs)
LO1: Demonstrate Professional Written and Oral Communication
   Obj 1: Demonstrate professional written communication.
   Obj 2: Demonstrate professional oral communication.
LO2: Function Effectively in Cross-functional Teams
   Obj 1: Make positive contributions to cross-functional teams.
   Obj 2: Demonstrate effective functioning in cross-functional teams.
LO3: Apply Critical Thinking and Analysis (Quantitative and Qualitative) to Decision Making
   Obj 1: Design and conduct quantitative research.
   Obj 2: Design and conduct qualitative research.
   Obj 3: Apply critical analysis skills to decision making.
LO4: Demonstrate Technical Competence
LO5: Exhibit Ethical and Socially Responsible Reasoning and Action
LO6: Demonstrate Understanding of the Implications of Globalization and Cultural Diversity

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