GKO 3: Critical Thinking

LO3: Apply Critical Thinking and Analysis (Quantitative and Qualitative) to Decision Making

Obj 1: Design and conduct quantitative research.
Obj 2: Design and conduct qualitative research.
Obj 3: Apply critical analysis skills to decision making.

This page should be developed over time, as you complete various learning experiences, developing your skills from introductory levels to more advanced levels, and should include:

  • links to criteria used by the College of Business to assess critical thinking
  • self assessment of your critical thinking skills related to each objective, linked to specific artifacts developed by you, along with earlier reflections posted in relation to relevant artifacts (examples of work). For example, you may choose to link to reflection posts you developed relating to  a case study you completed for your BUS 304 Communications course. Those reflections could be linked to any relevant artifact such as a report, or a video.
  • reflection upon a range of work in this area, discussing your progress,  strengths, plans for further growth, and ideas for new ways to employ these skills

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